Frontend Weekly Digest #152 (30 March — 5 April 2020)


Testing Strategies for Front-End Developers
Responsive Images the Simple Way
BEM Cheat Sheet
Why Do Some HTML Elements Become Deprecated?
30 Web Development Checklists Every Team Should Keep Handy


Overflow In CSS
Getting JavaScript to Talk to CSS and Sass
Reverse Engineering WhatsApp Web’s CSS
4 CSS Grid Properties (and One Value) for Most of Your Layout Needs
LCH colors in CSS: what, why, and how?
CSS Findings From The New Facebook Design
CSS-Only Marquee Effect


10 New JavaScript Features in ES2020 That You Should Know
Layout-isolated components
How an anti ad-blocker works: Reverse-engineering BlockAdBlock
Being a JS Developer, this is What Keeps Me Up at Night.



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