Frontend Weekly Digest #156 (27 April –3 May 2020)


Some Innocent Fun With HTML Video and Progress
Storage for the web
Performance monitoring in CSS animations
Automating Web Performance testing with Puppeteer 🎪
Avoid aria-roledescription
Morphing Gooey Text Hover Effect
Immersive Transition Effect


Selection in CSS
Atomic CSS-in-JS
Faking 3D Elements with CSS
Thoughts on an implementable path forward for Container Queries
The CSS “content” property accepts alternative text
👨🏻‍💻 How to solve the Z-index issue Within 1 minute😲😲
3 Insanely Simple Ways to Switch Your Website To Dark Mode
Create a nice-looking input range with only CSS!!
What are we missing at Learning CSS?


Alpine.js: The JavaScript Framework That’s Used Like jQuery, Written Like Vue, and Inspired by TailwindCSS
Continuously refactoring 100000 lines of code — TinyMCE in TypeScript
window.location Cheatsheet



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