Frontend Weekly Digest #161 (1 –7 June 2020)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readJun 7, 2020


HTML5 Boilerplate 8.0.0 Released
W3C website redesign: Choosing a front end framework
Setting up efficient workflows with ESLint, Prettier and TypeScript
PayPal Engineering: Sharing UI components at an enterprise level
Accessibility or Morals?


CSS Grid: Newspaper Layout
Global and Component Style Settings with CSS Variables
A First Look at `aspect-ratio`
The 🍔 menu. A step by step guide to creating a Hamburger Menu in SVG & CSS
How to Create Dynamic Backgrounds With the CSS Paint API
Hybrid positioning with CSS variables and max()
Colors in CSS
Sass Color Functions in CSS
A New Way to Delay Keyframes Animations
Rotated Table Column Headers… Now With Fewer Magic Numbers!


Track Your Smartphone in 2D With JavaScript
JS Community reacts to George Floyd’s Death
You don’t know JavaScript until you can beat this game
Exploring the state of reactivity patterns in 2020
Static analysis in JavaScript: 11 tools to help you catch errors before users do


New in Firefox 77: DevTool improvements and web platform updates
Firefox 77 for developers
Microsoft’s new Edge browser now rolling out via Windows Update