Frontend Weekly Digest #167 (13–19 July 2020)


Adding Augmented Reality to your Websites
From Gatsby to Eleventy: Choosing a Static Site Generator for a Personal Site
The State Of Pixel Perfection
How to Migrate from Bootstrap Version 4 to 5
Make Jamstack Slow? Challenge Accepted.


Style Stage — A modern CSS showcase styled by community contributions
CSS leaning card effect
Three CSS Alternatives to JavaScript Navigation
Grids Part 1: To grid or not to grid
CSS breakpoints used by popular CSS frameworks
Backdrop Filter effect with CSS
A CSS only “click to animate gif” solution
How to Italicize Text
Things I Wish I’d Known About CSS


a closure, explained by Dan Abramov
A Simple Explanation of Event Delegation in JavaScript
34 most popular JS repositories on GitHub in June 2020
14 JavaScript Code Optimization Tips for Front-End Developers
8 silly JavaScript projects that will put a smile on your face
Eliminating duplicate objects: three approaches




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Writing merge sort in-place in Swift

Deploying a Smart Contract

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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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