Frontend Weekly Digest #168 (20–26 July 2020)


Rich HTML in GitHub README
Introduction to the Jamstack: Build Secure, High-Performance Sites
It’s time to lazy-load offscreen iframes!
Use Chrome DevTools Like a Senior Frontend Developer
5 Service Worker Caching Strategies for Your Next PWA App


@property: giving superpowers to CSS variables
Modern CSS Techniques To Improve Legibility
Keyframes helps you write better CSS.
Using Flexbox and text ellipsis together
A CSS-only, animated, wrapping underline.
Understanding CSS Multiple Backgrounds
When do you use inline-block?
3D Book Image CSS Generator
css-media-vars A brand new way to write responsive CSS. Named breakpoints, DRY selectors, no scripts, no builds, vanilla CSS.
Beyond screen sizes: responsive design in 2020
CSS dropplets


Reactive jQuery for Spaghetti-fied Legacy Codebases (or When You Can’t Have Nice Things)
Import non-ESM libraries in ES Modules, with client-side vanilla JS
What the fuck is memoization?


What’s new in Microsoft Edge — July 2020 / Microsoft Inspire Edition
Chrome 85: Upload Streaming, Human Interface Devices, Custom Properties with Inheritance and More



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