Frontend Weekly Digest #170 (3–9 August 2020)


Breaking into web dev — The no jargon guide — Deploying your first website
Emmet 2 for Sublime Text


Drop-Shadow: The Underrated CSS Filter
Computed Values: More Than Meets the Eye
A Lightweight Masonry Solution
Digging Into the Flex Property
Modern CSS grid solutions to common layout problems
Turning pages with CSS
Optimizing CSS for faster page loads
CSS Vocabulary
More Control Over CSS Borders With background-image
font-weight: 300 con­sid­ered harm­ful (and a font­con­fig workaround)
Super Hero Layout — Combining CSS Grid and CSS Shapes


RxJS & Firebase 101
Announcing the new TypeScript Website
All front end Interview questions asked during my recent job hunt.
Comparing reactivity models — React vs Vue vs Svelte vs MobX vs Solid
1Keys — How I Made a Piano in only 1kb of JavaScript
Node Modules at War: Why CommonJS and ES Modules Can’t Get Along



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