Frontend Weekly Digest #183 (2–8 November 2020)


The “Live DOM” Is Not “Slow”, “Bad”, Or “Wrong”. Web Developers Are.
How to Animate the Details Element Using WAAPI
Site-Speed Topography
Internationalization And Localization For Static Sites
Play the Chrome dino game with your gamepad


Comparing Various Ways to Hide Things in CSS
How to Write Loops with Preprocessors
Container Queries are coming to Chromium!
The Guide to CSS Grid
Additive Animations in CSS
Native CSS Masonry Layout In CSS Grid
How to make CSS Animations
Flow CSS Utility


24 Modern ES6 Code Snippets to Solve Practical JavaScript Problems
LocalStorage vs. Cookies: All You Need to Know About Storing JWT Tokens Securely in the Front-End
7 Ways to do Dependency Injection in Functional JavaScript without a Framework
What the f*ck JavaScript? — A list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples



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