Frontend Weekly Digest #188 (7–13 December 2020)


Web Almanac 2020: HTTP Archive’s annual state of the web report
10 Best Podcasts for Web Designers, Developers and Digital Professionals
Overlaying Video With Transparency While Wrangling Cross-Browser Support
How I Accidentally Built an API Business
Debugging WebAssembly with modern tools


Using CSS Custom Properties to Adjust Variable Font Weights in Dark Mode
CSS Scroll Snap
The Rules of Margin Collapse
Styling Comment Threads
Why I Love Tailwind
What Can You Put in a CSS Variable?
CSS Sticky Parallax Sections
A Utility Class for Covering Elements


An Introduction to The Geolocation API in JavaScript
Reflecting on 25 Years of JavaScript
Publish, ship, and install modern JavaScript for faster applications
How to Build a Snake Game In JavaScript
CSS paint API: Being predictably random
Trying 9 Frontend JavaScript Frameworks with their CLIs in 2021(React, Svelte, Angular, Vue+) (complete video 📹)



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