Frontend Weekly Digest #200 (1–7 March 2021)


The State Of Mobile And Why Mobile Web Testing Matters
A clueless newbie’s guide to headless CMS and the Jamstack
7 Useful HTML Attributes that You Probably Don’t Know
How to Develop and Test a Mobile-First Design in 2021
Dynamic meta tags for bots and crawlers using Firebase and Cloudflare Workers


A Super Flexible CSS Carousel, Enhanced With JavaScript Navigation
The Future of CSS: Scroll-Linked Animations with @scroll-timeline (Part 2)
Stop Using Icon Fonts
How to Map Mouse Position in CSS
Exploring @property and its Animating Powers
The Importance of Learning CSS
CSS ONLY Semantic Animated Accordion
The “Gray Dead Zone” of Gradients
Responsive Images: Different Techniques and Tactics
CSS Grid Cheat Sheet Illustrated in 2021🎖️
The latest features of CSS in 2021


5 Common JavaScript Memory Mistakes
How an Anti-TypeScript “JavaScript Developer” Like Me Became a TypeScript Fan
The Dark Side of Javascript: A Look at 3 Features You Never Want to Use
Control the behavior of JavaScript imports with Import Maps
Gyro-web: Accessing the device orientation in JavaScript


WordPress Considers Dropping Support for IE 11
Drupal core is dropping support for Internet Explorer 11 in Drupal 10




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6 Useful JavaScript Console Methods You Are Unlikely to Know Of

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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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