Frontend Weekly Digest #203 (22–28 March 2021)


A Deep Dive Into Eleventy Static Site Generator
Emoji under the hood
The End of AMP
Not Your Typical Horizontal Rules
Interactive Web Components Are Easier Than You Think
Understanding Bootstrap 5 Layout, Bootstrap 5 Beta 3
5 Different Tools for Frontend Monitoring
Going Headless: Use Cases And What It’s Good For


Compat2021: Eliminating five top compatibility pain points on the web
Taming Blend Modes: `difference` and `exclusion`
Top 4 Tailwind CSS alternatives for 2021
Handling Text Over Images in CSS
Animating Underlines
Under-Engineered Select Menus
Image Fragmentation Effect With CSS Masks and Custom Properties


Human-Readable JavaScript: A Tale of Two Experts
Building a geolocation widget
Top JavaScript (JS) Trends to Watch in 2021
JavaScript SEO: Best Practices and Debugging Tools
The Most Cursed JavaScript
New ES2021 features you may have missed



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