Frontend Weekly Digest #210 (10–16 May 2021)


URL protocol handler registration for PWAs
Differences between WebSockets and Socket.IO
Exploiting custom protocol handlers for cross-browser tracking in Tor, Safari, Chrome and Firefox


Next Gen CSS: @container
A Primer On CSS Container Queries
Support (Not) Unknown. Adding Container Query tests to CSS supports
Can I :has()
Design for reading: tips for optimizing content for Reader modes and reading apps
Advanced CSS Animation Using cubic-bezier()
Component-level art direction with CSS Container Queries
aspect-ratio and grid
Creating Stylesheet Feature Flags With Sass !default
Smooth Scrolling Sticky ScrollSpy Navigation, with CSS fixed backgrounds
A Look at Tailwind CSS


Keeping Your TypeScript Code DRY With Generics
7 Steps to Secure JavaScript in 2021
Modern Javascript: Everything you missed over the last 10 years (ECMAScript 2020)
Working With TypeScript: A Practical Guide for Developers
Build Tetris with Modern JavaScript



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