Frontend Weekly Digest #212 (24–30 May 2021)


The Evolution and Redefinition of The Jamstack
10 Client-side Storage Options and When to Use Them
Are you infringing a patent if you publish a PWA?
Useful VS Code Extensions For Front-End Developers
SVG Crop — Remove blank space from around any SVG instantly.
Accessible SVGs: Perfect Patterns For Screen Reader Users
Create a Liquid Hover Effect with GSAP & SVG
Yes, this is the ULTIMATE SEO guide for developers in 2021


A Thorough Analysis of CSS-in-JS
CSS Container Queries For Designers
25 Years of CSS
CSS Container Queries: Use-Cases And Migration Strategies
A New Way To Reduce Font Loading Impact: CSS Font Descriptors


Sparkplug — a non-optimizing JavaScript compiler
New Standards to Access Device Hardware using JavaScript
7 tools transforming JavaScript development
Intro to Clio lang: Ship performance-critical JS with ease