Frontend Weekly Digest #213 (1–6 June 2021)


Building multiple Progressive Web Apps on the same domain
Front-End Testing is For Everyone
Myth-busting: Jamstack can’t handle dynamic content
History of the Web: Part 1
Some of the Best Easter Eggs Hidden in Sites Across The Web


CSS in SVG in CSS: Shipping confetti to Stack Overflow’s design system
New CSS functional pseudo-class selectors :is() and :where()
Trigonometry in CSS and JavaScript: Introduction to Trigonometry
Trigonometry in CSS and JavaScript: Getting Creative with Trigonometric Functions
The CSS Layout Generator is a tool for creating the CSS for layout components.
Inherit, initial, unset, revert
Hexagons and Beyond: Flexible, Responsive Grid Patterns, Sans Media Queries


Making JavaScript run fast on WebAssembly
Yet Another Javascript Alternative: ReScript
A Look at Compilation in JavaScript Frameworks


What’s in the latest Firefox update? 89 debuts UI overhaul, Mozilla hopes to win back defectors
What’s New In DevTools (Chrome 92)
Firefox 89 arrives with further measures to protect you from tracking in incognito (APK Download)