Frontend Weekly Digest #214 (7–13 June 2021)


The right tag for the job: why you should use semantic HTML
5 Frontend Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore


Complete CSS Grid Tutorial with Cheat Sheet 🎖️
CSS System Colors
CSS defines color values that follow system preferences
Media Queries in Times of @container
Let’s Learn About Aspect Ratio In CSS
CSS size-adjust for @font-face
Equal Columns With Flexbox: It’s More Complicated Than You Might Think
Multi-Column Sortable Table Experiment
Meet :has, A Native CSS Parent Selector (And More)
A Cornucopia of Container Queries
Generating `font-size` CSS Rules and Creating a Fluid Type Scale


How to Build a Full Stack App with Supabase and Next.js
Implementing Private Fields for JavaScript
Forever Functional: Memoizing Promises
How to Implement SOLID Principles in JavaScript
Automate formatting and fixing JavaScript code with Prettier and ESLint
Modern JavaScript
Going Beyond ESLint: An Overview of Static Analysis in JavaScript
Trusted Types API for JavaScript DOM Security
How to create NFTs with JavaScript
Rust from a JavaScript perspective




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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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