Frontend Weekly Digest #215 (14–20 June 2021)


Learn Eleventy From Scratch
How I Used the WAAPI to Build an Animation Library
Ten years of Web Components
High performance storage for your app: the Storage Foundation API


Using the `outline` Property as a Collapsable Border
Perfect Tooltips With CSS Clipping and Masking
Optical size, the hidden superpower of variable fonts
A Quick Guide To CSS Logical Properties
A Bashful Button Worth $8 Million
Making Tables With Sticky Header and Footers Got a Bit Easier


State management: Two-way bindings and enhanced binding formatters
Benchmarking JavaScript Memory Usage
“Double Quotes” vs ‘Single Quotes’ vs `Backticks` in JavaScript
sorting-algos-visualizer — Visualization of common sorting algorithms: QuickSort, MergeSort, HeapSort, BubbleSort, InsertionSort
What are Bookmarklets? How to Use JavaScript to Make a Bookmarklet in Chromium and Firefox