Frontend Weekly Digest #216 (21–27 June 2021)


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OMG, SVG Favicons FTW!
Inline to Menu Link Animation
The State of WebAssembly 2021
Towards a better responsiveness metric
webpack or esbuild: Why not both?
Microsoft Teams 2.0 will use half the memory, dropping Electron for Edge Webview2


Simple CSS Hack to reduce Page Load Time
Inherit ancestor font-size, for fun and profit
Custom Property Brain Twisters
Using Performant Next-Gen Images in CSS with image-set
Using CSS to Enforce Accessibility
Building Generative Grid Layouts With Quadtrees
CSS @​supports rules to target only Firefox / Safari / Chromium
Custom Scrollbars In CSS
Drawing Graphics with the CSS Paint API
How to Create CSS Charts With Interesting Shapes, Glyphs and Emoji
22 CSS Tricks That Can Make You a Layout Ninja


What’s new in ES2021
Parsing in JavaScript: Tools and Libraries
How JavaScript works: high-performing code + 8 optimization tips
Top 5 Embedded Databases for JavaScript Applications