Frontend Weekly Digest #217 (28 June — 4 July 2021)


The State Of Web Workers In 2021
It’s A (Front-End Testing) Trap! Six Common Testing Pitfalls And How To Solve Them
Building NPM package in 2021
UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #17
3 Reasons to Abandon Bootstrap in 2021


Detecting Hover-Capable Devices
Towards richer colors on the Web
Multi Colored Text with CSS
Change the form control color with accent-color property
Positioning Overlay Content with CSS Grid
Keyframes — Dead simple visual tools to help you generate CSS for your projects.
:nth-child Between Two Fixed Indexes
CSS Frameworks in Vogue, But Don’t Forget Style Fundamentals
A guide to CSS animations using clip-path()


When a Click is Not Just a Click
Temporal: getting started with JavaScript’s new date time API
JS Is Weird
Sorting colors in JavaScript
`export default thing` is different to `export { thing as default }`



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