Frontend Weekly Digest #219 (12–18 July 2021)


Building a breadcrumbs component
Building an accessible image comparison web component
The Ultimate Guide to Browser-Side Storage
Rock the Stage with a Smooth WebGL Shader Transformation on Scroll
Lawsuits Over Digital Accessibility for People With Disabilities Are Rising
The performance effects of too much lazy-loading
Simulating real users in the lab to debug CLS issues


Refactoring CSS: Introduction (Part 1)
Detecting media query support in CSS and JavaScript
What’s the difference between the alignment values of start, flex-start, and self-start?
Of Course We Can Make a CSS-Only Clock That Tells the Current Time!
Designing for the Unexpected
Build Complex CSS Transitions using Custom Properties and cubic-bezier()
A CSS carousel with snapping points and a scroll-linked navigation get rid of grid


Functional Programming with JavaScript
Exploring Next.js 11: What Is New
How To Migrate From jQuery To Next.js
5 Easy Steps To Master Currying and Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript


Getting lively with Firefox 90
Firefox 90 for developers