Frontend Weekly Digest #220 (19–25 July 2021)


Handsfree Websites
Web Features That May Not Work As You’d Expect
A Step-By-Step Process for Turning Designs Into Code
Web Authentication: Cookies vs. Tokens
The State of Developer Ecosystem 2021
Not a Checklist: Building Accessibility Compliance into Your Business Processes


CSS Box Model Properties — Explained With Examples ✨
Custom properties and @property
Prevent unwanted Layout Shifts caused by Scrollbars with the scrollbar-gutter CSS property
A natural shadow with SVG filters
Practical Use Cases for Scroll-Linked Animations in CSS with Scroll Timelines
How to Improve Web Vitals with CSS


Binary Protocol for JavaScript
URLPattern brings routing to the web platform
WebSockets and Node.js — testing WS and SockJS by building a web app
Svgbob — Convert your ascii diagram scribbles into happy little SVG