Frontend Weekly Digest #221 (26–31 July 2021)


Overview of the RenderingNG architecture
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About WebRTC
NFC comes to the web
Here’s Why Storing JWT in Local Storage is a Disastrous Mistake


Why Developers Love Bulma CSS
Thinking About The Cut-Out Effect: CSS or SVG?
There Is No Such Thing As A CSS Absolute Unit
Using Absolute Value, Sign, Rounding and Modulo in CSS Today
CSS Logical Properties and Values
Helvetica® Now Variable
Conjuring Generative Blobs With The CSS Paint API
Aligning a Button Label Vertically


Execute ES Modules on the CLI
Writing a Sokoban Puzzle Game in JavaScript
The Complete Guide to Localizing your App with JavaScript’s Internationalization API


One-offs and low-expectations with Safari
Safari 15 Opinions
Safari isn’t protecting the web, it’s killing it




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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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