Frontend Weekly Digest #233 (25–31 October 2021)


Introducing the layer based SVG engine
Which SVG technique performs best for way too many icons?
Jamstack: A new way to think about web development, build, and delivery
The start of a new era for Responsive Web Design
Building an effective Image Component
Photoshop’s journey to the web
The Micro-Frontend Chaos (and how to solve it)
Popular NPM package UA-Parser-JS poisoned with cryptomining, password-stealing malware


A Deep Dive Into object-fit And background-size In CSS
Reimagine Atomic CSS
100 Bytes of CSS to look great everywhere
Media Queries Level 4: Media Query Range Contexts
The Process of Building a CSS Framework
The New CSS Reset
Using CSS Variables for reduced motion on a global scale
Incredible CSS Layouts Generators You Should Know!


Trie in Javascript: the Data Structure behind Autocomplete
In-Page Filtered Search With Vanilla JavaScript
Skeletonise yourself with pose detection.
Dependency Injection in JavaScript — the Best Tool You’re Not Using for your Tests
Using axios.all to make concurrent requests



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