Frontend Weekly Digest #241 (20–26 December 2021)


How to Draw S-Curved Arrows Between Boxes / Rectangles
Frontend Interview Cheatsheet That Helped Me Get Offers From Amazon & LinkedIn
Infinite Scrolling in Web: Ultimate Guide
A first look at Error Prevention — WCAG 3.0’s newest criterion
Alternate Column Scroll Animation


Wrapping text inside an SVG using CSS
The CSS :has() selector is way more than a “Parent Selector”
Creating and customizing an HTML5 video player with CSS
New features in UnoCSS: A Tailwind CSS alternative


Is It Time for the JavaScript Temporal API?
Attaching new behaviors through decorators in JavaScript
The beauty of IntersectionObserver API
Remix vs. Next.js vs. SvelteKit




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McKinley Beach Lot 3s5s, Siding Going Up

McKinley Beach Lot 3s5s, Siding Going Up

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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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