Frontend Weekly Digest #243 (3–9 January 2022)


Building Gatsby Themes For WordPress-Powered Websites
Latest Web Development and JavaScript Trends to Follow in 2022
How to Make a Component That Supports Multiple Frameworks in a Monorepo
Read the Tea Leaves Software and other dark arts, by Nolan Lawson


Adam Argyle’s Sick Mouse-Out CSS Hover Effect
A New Container Query Polyfill That Just Works
CSS Underlines Are Too Thin and Too Low in Chrome
How to Create a Pie Chart Using Only CSS
The Search For a Fixed Background Effect With Inline Images
Your CSS reset needs text-size-adjust (probably)
Animating mobile menus using CSS


2021 JavaScript Rising Stars
Run Javascript code one magnitude faster using WebAssembly
A Smarter JavaScript Mapper: array.flatMap()



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