Frontend Weekly Digest #244 (10–16 January 2022)


Amazing HTML5 Features That Just 3% of Developers Knows — Easy and Surprising
Turning a GitHub page into a Progressive Web App
How we built a VS Code extension with Rust, WebAssembly, and TypeScript


How the z-index Property Works Under the Hood
Make Beautiful Gradients
Don’t Fight the Cascade, Control It!
A Deep CSS Dive Into Radial And Conic Gradients
How to Make a Pure CSS 3D Package Toggle
Designing a modern UI theme with Open Props
Top 10 Features Introduced In Tailwind CSS v3.0


What’s the big deal with JavaScript’s Fetch API?
O.O.P in Javascript
How not to learn TypeScript


Firefox 96 for developers
What is Chromium Without Chrome on Top?



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