Frontend Weekly Digest #247 (1–6 February 2022)


What happened when we turned off AMP
The Mystery of the Changing Favicon
Struggling With Webpack? Understand It Through Illustrations
Creating a game in Three.js
Reducing The Web’s Carbon Footprint: Optimizing Social Media Embeds
Improving JavaScript Bundle Performance With Code-Splitting
UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #21


The Making of Atomic CSS: An Interview With Thierry Koblentz
Use Cases For CSS fit-content
How to use custom fonts in Tailwind CSS
Bulma vs. Tailwind CSS: Which is the better Bootstrap alternative?


The Relevance of TypeScript in 2022
Overview of OOP patterns implementation in JavaScript
What Web Frameworks Solve: The Vanilla Alternative (Part 2)
Why Efficient Hydration in JavaScript Frameworks is so Challenging
4 most important features coming in ES2022 that you should know about
8 JavaScript Practices To Avoid — And What to Do Instead
Writing a Printer Driver in JavaScript
Implementing WebSocket communication in Next.js


Chrome 99: CSS Cascade Layers, a New Picker for Input Elements, and More
Igalia announces Wolvic, a new browser project with an initial focus of picking up where Firefox Reality leaves off




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Lexus RX 400h Repair Manual

10 Best VS Code Themes in 2022

Frontend Weekly Digest #174 (1–6 September 2020)

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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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