Frontend Weekly Digest #25 (18–24 September 2017)

Fresh Frontend Links
4 min readSep 24, 2017


Web Development

World Wide Web Consortium abandons consensus, standardizes DRM with 58.4% support, EFF resigns
The Mega HTML5 Cheatsheet
A Rube Goldberg Machine. An introduction to post-modern Web Development
Generic Sensor API: Sensors For The Web!
Hacker News Progressive Web Apps
Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017, 14 videos, Microsoft Edge Web Summit Recap


A Historical Look at FOUT and FOIT
How New Font Technologies Will Improve The Web
Writing CSS with Accessibility in Mind
Taking CSS Linting to the Next Level with Stylelint
Intriguing CSS Level 4 Selectors
⚡Web truths: CSS is not real programming
Designing Websites for iPhone X
An event for CSS position:sticky


Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js
Modern JavaScript cheatsheet
JavaScript development is not fun for me anymore
JavaScript ♥ C++: Modern Ways to Use C++ in JavaScript Projects


iOS 11 rockets to over 6% internet usage in just two days
Chrome 62 Beta: Network Quality Estimator API, OpenType variable fonts, and media capture from DOM elements
Audio/Video Updates in Chrome 62
Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 40: WebAssembly support, CSS stroke, Resource/Perf/User timing 2, New Experimental Features



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