Frontend Weekly Digest #251 (14–20 March 2022)


Fun with the dialog element
Is HTML A Programming Language?
Front-end Testing Strategy
What you need to know about inbuilt browser HTML sanitization


Aligning Content In Different Wrappers
Introduction to Bulma: A Simple and Intuitive CSS Framework
Building a loading bar component
HTML and CSS in Emails: What Works in 2022?
In Defense of Sass
How we migrated entirely to CSS Modules using codemods and Sourcegraph Code Insights
When or If
Applying dynamic styles with Tailwind CSS
Comparing the best CSS grid generators


First look: adding type annotations to JavaScript
Building Table Sorting and Pagination in JavaScript
Interview with Senior JS Developer in 2022
The double-assignment pattern in jQuery’s source code
101 Javascript Critical Rendering Path




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Default Object Values in JavaScript

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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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