Frontend Weekly Digest #253 (28 March — 3 April 2022)

Web Development

Rethink Sliders And Carousels
New to the web platform in March
9 Reasons Why Your Pages Aren’t Indexed
Variable fonts in real life: how to use and love them
Exciting Times for Browsers (and CSS)
Mozilla’s vision for the evolution of the Web
Those HTML Attributes You Never Use
6 Useful Bookmarklets to Boost Web Development


A Guide To Hover And Pointer Media Queries
How to Use CSS Math Functions
Tricks to Cut Corners Using CSS Mask and Clip-Path Properties
Spruce CSS Introduction
Understanding Layout Algorithms: The mental model shift that makes CSS more intuitive
Tweaking In The Browser


What’s new in Node.js core? March 2022 edition
How to create a router for a custom SPA App
14 Linting Rules To Help You Write Asynchronous Code in JavaScript
Demystifying React: Create One-way Data Binding with Vanilla JS
Locale Aware Sorting in JavaScript
Tips for creating a component library
Stop Using JavaScript Classes!




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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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