Frontend Weekly Digest #255 (11–17 April 2022)


The Dummies Guide To Web 3.0: Everything You Need To Know
7 Web Component Tricks
Building a dialog component
Exploring workspaces and other advanced package manager features
11 Chrome DevTools Tricks to Help Make You a Senior Front-End Developer
The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing JavaScript for Quick Page Loads


CSS Parent Selector
CSS :has( ) A Parent Selector Now
How to implement glassmorphism with CSS
Why should we use Tailwind?


Modules in JavaScript — CommonJS and ESmodules Explained
Forever Functional — From methods to functions, and back
JavaScript function composition: What’s the big deal?
How To Create Custom JavaScript Events
Operator Lookup: Enter a JavaScript operator to learn more about it
Understanding state management in Next.js
The role of Solidity and JavaScript in Web3 applications
Build an image carousel from scratch with vanilla JavaScript
How Microsoft Want to Change TypeScript for Good?


Safari now fully supports SharedWorkers



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