Frontend Weekly Digest #257 (25–30 April 2022)


New to the web platform in April
Non-interactive Elements with the inert attribute
Web color is still broken
CTA Modal: How To Build A Web Component
Modern, faster alternatives to ESLint
How to detect dead code in a frontend project
How We Reduced Startup Time by 80% With Webpack
Under-Engineered Multi-Selects


Creating the DigitalOcean Logo in 3D With CSS
Flexibly Centering an Element with Side-Aligned Content
Building a combined CSS-aspect-ratio-grid
Fluid Type Scale Calculator
CSS Toggles Explainer & Proposal
HyperUI — Free Open Source Tailwind CSS Components
My Browser Support Strategy


Choosing the best Next.js hosting platform
Four Eras of JavaScript Frameworks
How we employed the new ECMAScript Module Support in typescript



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