Frontend Weekly Digest #258 (2–8 May 2022)


Are ARIA-Roles Ignorant Code-Bloat Manure?
Building a Musical Instrument with the Web Audio API
Porting Zelda Classic to the Web
Measuring web performance, How fast is fast?
Micro-Frontend — Why and How?


Top 2021 CSS Frameworks Report, Part 2: Validation
Learn CSS Subgrid
Don’t use 100vh for mobile responsive
12 Modern CSS Techniques For Older CSS Problems
Contextual Spacing For Intrinsic Web Design
Deep Dive into Text Wrapping and Word Breaking
Creating Realistic Reflections With CSS


Battle of Frontend Frameworks (2022)
JavaScript Containers
8 Javascript quiz that may confuse you
How JavaScript works: A deep dive into Vite
Debounce from Scratch


Celebrating Firefox: How we got to 100
Microsoft Edge Overtakes Safari as World’s Second Most Popular Desktop Browser




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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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