Frontend Weekly Digest #259 (9–15 May 2022)


Bootstrap 5.2.0 beta
Magical SVG Techniques
State of frontend 2022
Build a cryptocurrency with Node.js
Why WCAG 2.2 is still in the oven
Useful Tools for Creating AVIF Images
Stack to Content Layout Transition


Cool Hover Effects That Use CSS Text Shadow
COLRv1 and CSS font-palette: Web Typography Gets Colorful
CSS Accordion Slider Generator
State of CSS 2022
A CSS Slinky in 3D? Challenge Accepted!
Understanding animation and transition timing functions in CSS
Introducing CUBE CSS: An alternative CSS methodology


Why did both vue and react choose Hooks🏂?
The JavaScript Modules Handbook — Complete Guide to ES Modules and Module Bundlers
Mystery of industry-targeting backdoored NPM JavaScript packages solved
WinterCG — A Community Group for Web-interoperable JavaScript runtimes
Does Javascript Make My Site Less Accessible?
16 useful TypeScript and JavaScript shorthands to know
Write an audio visualizer from scratch with vanilla JavaScript
Cross-browser native lazy loading in JavaScript


Improved Process Isolation in Firefox 100




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The simpler Javascript framework

How To Configure ESLint and Prettier

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Fresh Frontend Links

Fresh Frontend Links

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