Frontend Weekly Digest #261 (23–29 May 2022)


Building Table Sorting and Pagination in a Web Component
Dialog Components: Go Native HTML or Roll Your Own?
Building a static website using Iles.js
More thoughts on SPAs
npm security update: Attack campaign using stolen OAuth tokens
Just How Long Should Alt Text Be?


Min-Max-Value Interpolation
Dark Mode Toggles Should be a Browser Feature
Cool CSS Hover Effects That Use Background Clipping, Masks, and 3D
Manage Accessible Design System Themes With CSS Color-Contrast()
Drawing with CSS: Anime Character
Customizing Color Fonts on the Web
A Perfect Table of Contents With HTML + CSS
Code More Sustainable CSS with Methodologies!
An Advanced CSS Interview Question: Implement if-else in CSS


Destructuring Arrays in JavaScript
Visualizing GraphQL schema with GraphiQL
Processing Arrays non-destructively: for-of vs. .reduce() vs. .flatMap()
Faster JavaScript Builds with Metro



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