Frontend Weekly Digest #262 (30 May — 5 June 2022)


Single-Page Applications: A Comprehensive Guide
When and how to choose HTML for form validation
How to modularize your monolith frontend, transition at your pace
The Pivot to Web3 Is Going to Get People Hurt
Readability: The Optimal Line Length
The Cicada Principle and Why It Matters to Web Designers (updated)


Please Give Me Some Space
Where the f*** is native CSS nesting?
Implementing claymorphism with CSS
How to create a responsive image gallery with CSS flexbox


Useful Built-in Node.js APIs
How to build a Gantt Chart in JavaScript with Frappe Gantt
Monorepos in JavaScript & TypeScript
10 Must-Know JavaScript Tricks & Tips About Reduce


Firefox 101 for developers
How to use Chrome as a Code Editor and Debugger



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