Frontend Weekly Digest #274 (28 August — 4 September 2022)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readSep 4, 2022


The Evolution of the Modern Web Application Development
Things not available when someone blocks all cookies
Why do arrays start at 0?
Infinite Scrolling: When to Use It, When to Avoid It
Using Google Lighthouse to improve app performance
Inspirational Websites Roundup #41


Interpolating Numeric CSS Variables
CSS container queries are finally here
Parents counting children in CSS
A guide to adding gradients with Tailwind CSS


7 Little-Known Array Methods in JavaScript
Building an aircraft radar system in JavaScript
Useful JavaScript Data Grid Libraries
Default Exports in JavaScript Modules Are Terrible
Using webpack with TypeScript
It’s 2022, Please Don’t Just Use “console.log” Anymore
Vite 3.0 vs. Create React App: Comparison and migration guide