Frontend Weekly Digest #277 (19–25 September 2022)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readSep 25, 2022


Building A Retro Draggable Web Component With Lit
First Batch of Color Fonts Arrives on Google Fonts


How I Made an Icon System Out of CSS Custom Properties
Use cases for CSS comparison functions
Randomness in CSS
CSS Features We’re Thankful For and CSS Features We Need
Bulma vs. Boostrap — What are their differences?
Making your Web Pages Printer-Friendly with CSS
Creating a custom mouse cursor with CSS


Feature Flags: Beyond the Boolean
Find path in a JS object? My favorite question to ask in a Frontend interview.
Working with GraphQL with Vanilla JavaScript
What’s New In Gatsby 2022?
Rest vs Spread syntax in JavaScript
19 Killer JavaScript One-Liners That’ll Make You Look Like a Pro