Frontend Weekly Digest #289 (12–18 December 2022)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readDec 18, 2022


There can be only one: Options for building “choose one” fields
Table Like It’s 2023
I asked Chat GPT to build a To-Do app — Have we finally met our replacement?
Pagination vs. infinite scroll: Making the right decision for UX


The Most Popular CSS-in-JS Libraries in 2022
CSS Infinite 3D Sliders
A :nth-child(An+B [of S]?) polyfill thanks to CSS :has() and :not()
A Few Times Container Size Queries Would Have Helped Me Out
So, you’d like to animate the display property
New Viewport Units
View Transitions API
The True Power Of CSS Columns
Help choose the syntax for CSS Nesting!
Logical Border Radius
Mesher: CSS mesh gradients generator
Tailwind CSS vs Bootstrap — A Comparison
CSS image()
Guide to image overlays in CSS
Getting started with the CSS Custom Highlight API


Demystifying Routing: Creating Your Own file-path-based Router
Working with the DOM in JavaScript
Next, Nest, Nuxt… Nust?
Calculating the maximum diagonal distance in a given collection of GeoJSON features using turf.js and lots of speed