Frontend Weekly Digest #29 (17–22 October 2017)


Mozilla brings Microsoft, Google, the W3C, Samsung together to create cross-browser documentation on MDN
How I would explain a decade of web development to a time traveler from 2007
Front-End-Checklist — The perfect Front-End Checklist for modern websites and meticulous developers
5 Tips for Starting a Front-End Refactor
A Painless Introduction to APIs: Usage, Integration, & Benefits
Migrating towards Yarn and Webpack
• Accessible components: #1 colors and contrast, #2 dynamic ARIA labels


A Look Back at the History of CSS
Prettier + Stylelint: Writing Very Clean CSS (Or, Keeping Clean Code is a Two-Tool Game)
So, Can We Use CSS Variables Yet?
Breaking down CSS Box Shadow vs. Drop Shadow
My approach to using z-index


A Tricky JavaScript Interview Question Asked by Google and Amazon
Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs
The melting pot of JavaScript, by Dan Abramov
Controlling Element Visibility with the Intersection­Observer API
Ember.js: The Perfect Framework for Web Applications
Моки в тестах для кода с душком (Mocking is a Code Smell)


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