Frontend Weekly Digest #292 (1–8 January 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readJan 8, 2023


2022 Review — Igalia Web Platform Team
The State Of Usability In 2023 🎊
Scaling Frontend Applications in 2023
Working with WebP images
Making clear website navigation menus for better UX
Inspirational Websites Roundup #45


CSS :has() feature detection with @supports(selector(…)): You want :has(+ *), not :has(*)
How CSS Is Reducing The Need For Images — Let’s Style A Calculator
CSS Lengths
Justify Space Between Individual Items in Flexbox
Understanding neumorphism in CSS
Building a color palette with CSS: 3 methods
How CSS Is Reducing The Need For Images — Part 2, Eye Candy


Creating JavaScript functions and web apps with GPT-3’s free code writer
Collections are coo
I asked ChatGPT AI to write React and JavaScript code — I was shocked!
Draw SVG rope using JavaScript
2022 JavaScript Rising Stars
Building web components with WebC in vanilla JavaScript
Why Next.js 13 is a Game-Changer