Frontend Weekly Digest #295 (23–29 January 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readJan 29



AR, VR, and a Model for 3D in HTML
For your next side project, make a browser extension
WebAssembly: 5 Predictions for 2023
Optimal Images in HTML


Greater styling control over type with `initial-letter`
CSS Color Manipulation Functions, Please Save Us From The CSS Custom Property Gotcha
Un-Encoded SVG Backgrounds in CSS (Also, Writing CSS in CSS lolz)
Creating A High-Contrast Design System With CSS Custom Properties
CSS Layers for CSS Resets
Become a SCSS Pro by Generating CSS Spacer Classes
Animating CSS Grid (How To + Examples)
CSS Wishlist 2023
Working with CSS variables
An Introduction to Spectre CSS
Level Up Your CSS Skills With The :has() Selector
The Tailwind CSS Drama Your Users Don’t Care About
The CSS Practices That Can Hurt Accessibility


Announcing TypeScript 5.0 Beta
Flow Control in JavaScript: Callbacks, Promises, async/await
Running JavaScript Promises in Parallel
Forever Functional: Waiting for some promises?
Scrollend, a new JavaScript event
JavaScript 101: All About Timers
JavaScript Memory Management: How to Avoid Common Memory Leaks and Improve Performance



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