Frontend Weekly Digest #301 (6–12 March 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readMar 12



The AI Future of Frontend Development
Do you really need to use a Front End Framework?
A Practical Guide to Progressive Enhancement in 2023


The Reason Why CSS Inset Property Was Not Called Position
Trigonometric functions in CSS
Creating a Clock with the New CSS sin() and cos() Trigonometry Functions
Some simple ways to make content look good
I no longer understand prefers-contrast
A beginner’s guide to BareCSS
Theming With Tailwind CSS
An end to typographic widows on the web
How to create a wavy background using CSS and SVG
The broken promise of atomic CSS
Create Incredible Web Presentations With Reveal.Js


All JavaScript and TypeScript Features of the last 3 years
Say Goodbye to 7 Bad JavaScript Practices



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