Frontend Weekly Digest #305 (3–9 April 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readApr 9, 2023



Improper HTML: Bad Examples Makes For Bad Developers
What Makes TypeScript Special?
How WebAssembly is accelerating new web functionality
My Boss: Front-end Development Will be Replaced 100% by AI
Largest Contentful Paint change in Chrome 112 to ignore low-entropy images


A CSS selector to highlight clickable elements
Using color-mix() to create opacity variants
Tailwind CSS vs Bulma CSS
Running CSS animations only if both the device and the user allow it
Can you create beautiful stroked text in CSS?
Creating custom CSS typography with COLRv1 specification


What’s the best way to do animations with JavaScript?
Vue and Ember: How They Compare, and Which to Use


Safari releases are development hell
Chrome ships WebGPU
New in Chrome 112