Frontend Weekly Digest #309 (1–7 May 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readMay 7, 2023



Web Components 2023 Spring Update
Step by step: embedding PDFs in HTML pages
I want to talk about WebGPU
Using the Web Vitals extension to debug Core Web Vitals issues


Making filters for your website
Using data attributes instead of CSS classes
:root isn’t globalSo if :root isn’t global, what is?
Don’t use custom CSS scrollbars
Implementing CSS for Older Browsers
Testing Feature Support for Modern CSS
Guide to hiding elements in CSS
Dynamic font-size using only CSS3


Nx 16 is Here!
Mastering TypeScript: 20 Best Practices for Improved Code Quality
Learning JavaScript With Imagination
Detecting if an event was triggered by a user or by JavaScript
Practical Guide To Not Blocking The Event Loop