Frontend Weekly Digest #310 (8–14 May 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readMay 14



Is AIO the New SEO?
A practical guide to built-in web APIs
Five Headless CMS to try in 2023
The ongoing defence of frontend as a full-time job
How large DOM sizes affect interactivity, and what you can do about it
UI Interactions & Animations Roundup #32


Add Opacity to an Existing Color
What to Know About the CSS Prefers-Reduced-Motion Feature
Understanding CSS Selectors for the N-th Element
How to Write CSS Without Naming Conflicts
Scoped CSS is Back
Rearrange / Animate CSS Grid Layouts with the View Transition API
An Introduction to Container Queries in CSS
A guide to wrapping in CSS
CSS gap property vs. margin property
Guide to CSS logical properties


The New JavaScript Features Coming in ECMAScript 2023
Frontend JavaScript Secrets: What Books Won’t Teach You
TypeScript or JavaScript: which one do you need to be a web developer?
The JavaScript Ecosystem Is Delightfully Weird
ES2023 introduces new array copying methods to JavaScript
Regular expressions in JavaScript



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