Frontend Weekly Digest #312 (22–28 May 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readMay 28



Brief Note on Popovers with Dialogs
Deploying AVIF for more responsive websites
Introducing the popover API
11 HTML best practices for login & sign-up forms
State of Node.js Performance 2023
On-Scroll Pixelated Image Loading Effect
Dilemma of Choosing a Frontend Framework


Why we’re bad at CSS
display: contents considered harmful
Avoid Layout Shifts Caused by Web Fonts With PostCSS Fontpie
The Yellow Fade Technique with Modern CSS using @starting-style
Create complex animation curves in CSS with the linear() easing function
Single Line Comments in CSS
Writing cleaner CSS code with BEM
Responsive CSS Layout Grids without Media Queries


How to draw any regular shape with just one JavaScript function
Building a Seamless Drag-to-Reorder Widget with Vanilla JavaScript
How to Make Reusable Components in Vanilla JavaScript
11 Bad Ways to Write JavaScript



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