Frontend Weekly Digest #313 (29 May — 4 June 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readJun 4, 2023


Advanced Form Control Styling With Selectmenu And Anchoring API
New to the web platform in May
How to Use a Weather API to Build a Dynamic Weather App
300ms Faster: Reducing Wikipedia’s Total Blocking Time
Web accessibility: address barriers and make your website inclusive


An introduction to @scope in CSS
Watch Out for Layout Shifts with ‘ch’ Units
Mastering CSS Blend Modes
Everything You Want To Know About Media Queries and Responsive Design
Linting defensive and logical CSS with Stylelint plugins
Quick Tip: Shipping Resilient CSS Components
Sass-like nesting in native CSS
SupportsCSS — Feature Detection for Modern CSS
Understanding sibling combinators in CSS: A complete guide
Styling with the CSS :empty pseudo-class


Implementing pull-to-refresh with JavaScript
Vanilla JavaScript vs. JavaScript Frameworks: Ten top differences
An Introduction to JavaScript Proxies
Sharing WebSocket Connections between Browser Tabs and Windows