Frontend Weekly Digest #325 (21–27 August 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readAug 27, 2023


Web Adoption Curve — August 2023
How to Implement Pagination with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Please size your inline SVGs
How to make next-level Figma plugins: auth, routing, storage, and more
Use web components for what they’re good at


State of CSS 2023 results
A Few Interesting Ways To Use CSS Shadows For More Than Depth
A quick introduction to CSS @scope
Starting Exploration of Scroll-driven Animations in CSS
Lightning CSS — An extremely fast CSS parser, transformer, bundler, and minifier.
Laying out dots on a dice using display:flex & pseudo-classes
Creating type-safe styles with Panda CSS
Creating a custom select dropdown with CSS
How to avoid CSS ch layout shifts


Understanding async context and the future of server-side JavaScript
Patterns for Reactivity with Modern Vanilla JavaScript
Pros and cons of using Shadow DOM and style encapsulation