Frontend Weekly Digest #327 (3–10 September 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readSep 10, 2023



The new Google Fonts: find what you’re looking for
WOFF Has Left the Building
How layout position impacts three big web performance levers
Browser Video Players Review


CSS Only Pagination
Type safe CSS design systems with @property
iOS style scrolling dock with scroll-driven animation
Improving responsive data table UX with CSS
CSS lobotomized owl selector: A modern guide


JavaScript WTF: Why does every() return true for empty arrays?
Delay, Sleep, Pause & Wait in JavaScript
Using Labeled Loops In JavaScript
How to Create a Dual-Mode Cross-Runtime JavaScript Package
MERN vs. MEAN vs. MEVN: Choosing the Right JavaScript Stack for Your Web Project


Carbon Emissions in Browser DevTools — Firefox Profiler and CO2.js
Faster Vue.js Execution in Firefox
Chrome gets a fresh look and new features for its 15th birthday