Frontend Weekly Digest #328 (11–17 September 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readSep 17, 2023



AI for Web Devs: Project Introduction & Setup
HTML5 Template: A Basic Boilerplate for Any Project
There’s no such thing as a desktop screen
View Transitions API & meta frameworks: a practical guide
Things to Consider When Picking Fonts for your Next Project — An In-Depth Guide
Building a QR Coder Web Component
Comparing the Popover API and the dialog element
Web Components Accessibility FAQ


Revealing Images With CSS Mask Animations
PostCSS Bundler — a standards-compliant reference CSS bundler.
The best of 2023’s CSS & UI features
Gradients, Blend Modes, And A Really Cool Hover Effect
Fullscreen Navigation Bar: Pure CSS Scroll Animation
Limitations of Scoped CSS
How Custom Property Values are Computed
A short introduction to CSS nesting
Comparing classless CSS frameworks
Solved by CSS Scroll-Driven Animations: Detect if an element can scroll or not


Write your own progress indicator with vanilla JavaScript
JavaScript is getting array grouping methods
JPEG and EXIF Data Manipulation in Javascript


Critical WebP bug: many apps, not just browsers, under threat