Frontend Weekly Digest #331 (2–8 October 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readOct 8, 2023


Using the Intl segmenter API
Effectively loading ads without impacting page speed
Sprite your SVGs
Accessible, Typesafe, Progressively Enhanced Modern Web Forms


Icon Glassmorphism Effect in CSS
Perfect text outline/knockout text
Limit the reach of your selectors with the CSS @scope at-rule
When to Nest CSS
Re-Creating The Pop-Out Hover Effect With Modern CSS (Part 2)
The elements of responsive typography
An Anchored Navbar Solution


Build an AI chatbot with FastChat and JavaScript
Was Javascript really made in 10 days?
The Uphill Battle of Memoization
Debunking, the Myth: “JavaScript Modules Are Just Fancier Way of saying ‘Files’ ” .
Your JS App Is Leaking Memory And You Don’t Know
I hate Typescript, is it a shame?


Chrome now shows each active tab’s memory usage!
Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 180
What’s new in DevTools: Chrome 118
Chrome 119 beta: CSS relative color syntax, new pseudo-classes, and much more.